Strong Gravity beyond GR

Thursday, April 19, 2012

5-8 March, 2013 (Lisbon, Portugal)


Group photo for the meeting. Funny detail: the person on the bottom left, the lady at the center and the two guys on the right are just passers-by who joined the photo for the sake of it, without even paying the workshop fee!

In recent years, the field of alternative theories of gravity has been very active.
The plethora of proposed modified theories, the challenge in conceiving new experiments, and the corresponding difficulty of probing unexplored regimes where new physics might be revealed, call for a joint effort within the community.

The workshop “Strong Gravity beyond GR: from theory to observations” was held at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisbon, from 5-8 March 2013.

Poster: Poster of Strong Gravity beyond GR Workshop

Organizers: Vitor Cardoso, Leonardo Gualtieri, Paolo Pani, Thomas Sotiriou.

Local Organizers: Cardoso, Flachi, Pani, Rita Sousa.

Support: European Research Council through grant agreement no. DyBHo–256667 (“The dynamics of black holes”), and grant agreement no. 306425 (“Challenging General Relativity”), Marie Curie IEF aStronGR-2011-298297, CENTRA/IST, FCT, Rome U. “Sapienza”, SISSA.